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Rearing, bottles and teats

Aids for rearing lambs, kids and crias including feed bottles and a range of teats.
Model: 214763
The EXCAL teat intake elbow is supplied plain or with stop valve. The valve enhances suckling for newborn or weak calves, but it can be susceptible to blockage when used with some types of powder-mix milk. In these cases it is best to use the non-valve elbow (white colour). The intake elbow fits directly into the back of the teat and ensures suction from the very bottom of the bucket or feeder. Su..
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Model: 211055
The Milkflow teat intake elbow is used to enable a ‘gravity’ teat to empty all the milk from the bottom of a feeding container. The elbow fits neatly and firmly into the back of the Big Softy teat. The internal dimension will take the tube end of an Excal Stop Valve to further enhance its versatility. Choose either a plain version or one with a valve.Dimensions are 10.25mm o.d., 7.35mm i.d., l..
Ex Gst:$9.95
Model: 221488
This smallest and softest of our EXCAL lamb teats is as used in our EXCAL Topper lamb feeder. These are suitable for anyone wishing to create their own lamb feeding arrangement or to replace worn teats. Suitable for new-born lambs and kids. Require hole 11mm diameter...
Ex Gst:$2.05
Model: 211762
Replacement teat only for the Bottle Handing Lamb Feeder...
Ex Gst:$3.59
Model: 209985
Our ‘Grower’ lamb/kid teat is designed to replace our Little Softy (white) lamb/kid ‘starter’ teat as the animals get stronger and start chewing the teats. This black teat is made of stronger, harder rubber that is longer lasting than the Little Softy teat. However, the disadvantage is that this regular teat can be too firm for starting very young lambs and kids. Sold in packs of 4 or 25...
Ex Gst:$14.50
Model: 206710
The Universal lamb/kid teat can be used on a variety of bottles, or on ´calfeteria´ type feeders with 11mm o.d. tube delivery. For fitting to bottles with necks from 25mm to 35mm diameter, the outer ´skirt´ should be pulled upwards and the teat plugged into the bottle and the skirt folded down. (If the bottle has no other air inlet, a staple or piece of string can be used to allow air entry.) No..
Ex Gst:$4.50
Model: 211914
Well known lamb and kid feeding teat, which can be used in a ´calfeteria´ type feeder. The teat can be fitted through a 14mm hole and will take 11mm o.d. calfeteria-type delivery tubing in the back. Or it can be stretched over a ´pop´ bottle as a bottle feeder (but needs an air-inlet in this configuration). Cross-cut or round-hole tip. Hole teat is softer.Round hole = pink Cross-cut = blac..
Ex Gst:$2.68
Model: 211672
Our ´Little Softy´ lamb/kid teat has been designed especially for use in our gravity lamb feeders. The Little Softy features the same inverted-tip design as our famous ´Big Softy´ calf teat, that is, fast-flow for hungry animals, and a non-leak quality. The Little Softy teat will fit straight into any feeders using standard New Zealand-manufactured pull-through calf teats. This enables any of the..
Ex Gst:$14.50
Model: 206711
Very handy teat which fits on any standard cola or soda bottle. Cut an X in teat end with razor, or melt a hole with a hot nail. (No hole supplied!) Very long lasting red rubber.  ..
Ex Gst:$5.41
Model: 207505
The Excal Topper is the most versatile lamb and kid  feeding device available. The nice solid  cap incorporates a ball valve to allow inlet of air. The Topper will fit all standard 28mm o.d. thread  plastic, Coke and soft drink bottles.The Excal Topper is  a long-lasting teat that will rear quite a few lambs without breaking up. And lambs love it. If you wish  to speed up the flow for ..
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Model: 219743
U-BOND is a masking agent that enables “mothering on” of young animals to new mothers.  U-BOND can be used with lambs, kids, calves and foals and their new mothers.Presented in 250 mL spray bottles for easy administration...
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