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Feeding and Watering

Feeding and Watering
These poultry waterer nipples turn any bucket or a poly water pipe into a poultry water device. Easy to manage. Keeps the water clean. Each nipple should accommodate up to 4 birds for minimal competition. Nipples should be mounted vertically. Drill a 9mm hole in the bucket bottom or i..
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5 litre Milk Billy Can with push on lid
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These billies are seamless and  incorporate a wide lid for easy cleaning.   The lid pushes on. Made of 304 Stainless Steel. Neck opening is 150mm and overall height is 280mm. Body diameter 180mm.   Note that the product may appear slightly different to the photo due to man..
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6 place Rail Calf Feeding Bucket The 20-litre Excal Rail Bucket is a 6-place calfeteria- type feeder. Simply hang on any convenient rail up to 32mm (1.25 inch ) thick. The teats are Shoof Big Softy fast flow and no leaks. Replacement teats are available for purchase.  ..
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Brand: Nutrimol
FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY Natural Nutritional Health Tonic Acidity rating Min 4.5% For All Livestock Helps boost the natural immune system- powerful natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Helps with digestion and body pH balance- acid/alkaline ratio Non Pasteurised: Unfiltered: Naturally Fermented,..
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Brand: Imported
Garden hose connection to suit the automatic pet waterer Picture shows complete waterer but listing is for the hose connection only which comes with connections on both ends.  ..
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This variation on the regular Big Softy teat is for use with 54mm id screw-cap teat-mount fittings. NB: When mounting slit should be vertical with longer teat-tip upper most..
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Ideal brushes for cleaning calfeteria tubes or any food grade tubing (eg tubing used for stomach feeding or hand milkers).   40cm long with 6mm diameter nylon brushes on twisted steel wire shaft...
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These are quality buckets from Little Giant, USA. The great feature of these is the flat back. This means that the bucket can be hung anywhere with a simple hook, or nail, or by using the specially designed Little Giant wall mounting bracket. The flat back allows the bucket to be used as a feed or ..
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This 12L stainless steel bucket is spun, rather than pressed, allowing it to be made of thicker metal. This bucket is heavier and more robust than our other models. It features internal volume graduations.  No lid included. Dimensions neck opening x height 12L  29cm x 27cm..
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Calf Bottle Speedy Feeder Calf Bottle Speedy Feeder
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The speedy feeder is a 3-speed calf feed bottle. Now when you get a real  fast sucker switch to the fast speed option and let him go for  it! When you have a weak premature-born calf needing careful feeding switch to Stop or Slow and let it take milk as it can cope without dro..
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PVC tubing specially for use in tube-delivery type calfeterias and calf feeding buckets. This tubing fits all Excal teats and components, such as tube grommets and tube stop valves. Also suitable all New Zealand manufactured teats. Note if you are using teats with the tubing, it only suits the Ex..
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An improved bottle for feeding meal or starter dry feeds to calves. The special teat feeds the meal just like feeding milk. Suckling action makes the calf produce greater saliva than when feeding from bucket or trough thus aiding digestion. Calves can start on this feeder as a supplement feed ..
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