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Buckets and Tubs

We have a range of buckets and tubs for feeding animals including feeder buckets which can be hung on fences or rails.
Model: 218533
Made in the USA the Hook Over Portable Feeder is ideal for field, pasture, trailer, stall, or kennel use.Can be used for a variety of animals, including horses, goats, sheep, and dogs.Durable, impact-resistant plastic feeder has a molded-in bracket that easily hooks over any board up to 50mm width to deliver instantly a sturdy feed bucket.For more permanent installations, simply instal..
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Model: 213214
This big strong 20-litre bucket will withstand a lot of abuse. It is resistant to all chemicals or materials. The lid is 100% secure, even when a full bucket is rolled around or tipped upside down.Also completely child-proof...
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Model: 207401
6 place Rail Calf Feeding BucketThe 20-litre Excal Rail Bucket is a 6-place calfeteria- type feeder. Simply hang on any convenient rail up to 32mm (1.25 inch ) thick. The teats are Shoof Big Softy fast flow and no leaks.Replacement teats are available for purchase. ..
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Model: 218559
These are quality buckets from Little Giant, USA. The great feature of these is the flat back. This means that the bucket can be hung anywhere with a simple hook, or nail, or by using the specially designed Little Giant wall mounting bracket. The flat back allows the bucket to be used as a feed or water bucket, hung simply and easily off the ground. Use different colours for different animals or ..
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Feed Bucket Rail Hanging
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Model: 202837
This rail-hanging bucket incorporates rail hooks of a reinforced shape which will take the sort of pushing around a horse or cow is likely to give it. The 57mm (2 ´) hook space is big enough to go over our standard 50mm (2´) rough-sawn timber rails. The back of the bucket incorporates a carry handle. Dimensions 11 litre 29cm x 29cm x 24cm deep o.a. Dimensions 13 litre 30cm x 30cm x 26cm deep o...
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Model: 210069
This is a big sturdy bucket, ideal for feeding horses and cattle.FeaturesIncorporates four reinforced rail hooks to cope with rails up to 60mm thick Bucket incorporates a carry handle Stacks for storage. Dimensions 43cm x 34cm x 31cm deep...
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Model: 212189
Big strong indestructible rubber tub.FeaturesAll one piece. Will withstand any knocking around or beating up by man or animal Great as a feed trough, or for any of hundreds of uses around the farm Made completely from recycled rubber.Available in 2 sizes, 12 litre and 40 litre12 litre  40cm long x 26cm wide x 13cm high40 litre 62cm long x 42cm wide x 20cm..
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Model: 202845
Big strong rigid-plastic trough suitable for dry or liquid feed. Hooks suit rail or pipe up to 62mm thick.  Capacity 50kg or 50 litres. All rounded inside and out for cleanliness and animal safety. Very sturdy and well built. Length 1.2m.  Drain plug available. Colour may vary from that shown in the picture.Note that due to the size of this item it must be sent with courier deliv..
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Model: 211918
This two-wheeled cart is ideal for use with our rubber tubs. Suitable for loads up to 150kg.A special feature of the cart is its drop-down loading. This lowers the frame to ground level so a heavy tub can be pulled into it without heavy lifting. The parking stand flips under, out of the way when using the cart. Then the whole unit folds down push-chair style for storage.*Tub not included..
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Model: 213739
Polyethylene feed tubs are ideal for many uses around the farm. Can be used for almost any feeding or carrying task.FeaturesDurable, lightweight and completely flexible. They can be rolled over and squashed without any problem. Very lightweight to carry, with sturdy handles. Nest into light stacks for minimum storage space.These are higher quality tubs than those..
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Model: 219957
Big strong indestructible rubber tub with strong rubber handlesFeaturesAll one piece. Will withstand any knocking around or beating up by man or animal Great as a feed trough, or for any of hundreds of uses around the farm Made completely from recycled rubber.Available in 5 sizes12 litre  39cm diameter, 13cm deep20 litre  49cm diameter, 17cm deep34 ..
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Model: 212800
These rail mounted feed tubs are very strong and virtually indestructible.FeaturesIncorporates a full length rail hook to ensure adequate strength Made from recycled rubber Ideal for cattle and horses 38cm long x 23cm wide x 24cm high ..
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