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Hoof Cutters

Keeping animal hooves is not only important for their hoof health: it can also affect their overall health.  
A lame animal finds it difficult to stand or walk which can affect their ability to graze and obtain the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.
We have a range of hoof cutters and clippers that can tackle tiny lamb hooves right up to the hooves of a fully grown bull.
Model: 40016D
This high quality 2″ (50mm) diameter 120 Grit Flap Disc is a highly versatile tool, used on its face and used in a variety of applications — from stick removal to grinding, buffing and finishing...
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Model: 215392
Replacement knives to suit the Professional Hoof Cutting Disc. The replacement blades contains 3 pieces, along with replacement screws...
Ex Gst:$135.45
Model: 40015D
This high quality 2″ (50mm) diameter 60 Grit Flap Disc is a highly versatile tool, used on its face and used in a variety of applications — from stick removal to grinding, buffing and finishing...
Ex Gst:$18.14
Model: 40010D
The 2″ size may make this disc seem small, but it is very mighty! With the control of a light weight tool, our disc will help you get through the toughest of jobs. The Black Cut-Off Disc is a 2″ disc made of aluminium oxide with a 10 mm center hole. This disc is used to trim off nail heads after shoe application or cut small metal, plastic, and hoof cast parts. The Black Cut-Off Disc is&nb..
Ex Gst:$45.41
Model: 40009D
The Blue Medium Grit Disc is a 2″ diameter flat steel disc coated with a heat infused tungsten carbide CG grit. The disc is designed to remove hoof material through abrasion. The blue disc is best suited for the hooves of most average size goats, sheep and pigs that are maintained on a frequent basis. All of our abrasive discs are designed to eliminate heat buildup on the hoof. If material build..
Ex Gst:$72.68
Model: 30036D
     The Complete Goat Herd Hoof Care / Trimming Set will handle any goat hoof: large, small, overgrown, rock hard, problem or even the hooves of a show goat. From the Fine Grit Flap Disc Sander to the 8-Tooth Chain Disc we’ve got you covered. This set includes all of the discs that we normally recommend to our goat people. Your goats will never look better and their hooves ..
Ex Gst:$540.91
Model: 30018D
Designed for the farrier or veterinarian who needs a hardworking and easy-to-use trimming tool, the 12 piece Complete Horse Hoof Care/Trimming Set can meet all your basic trimming and hoof maintenance needs as well as perform intricate hoof care tasks. You can use the Hoof Boss trimmer to quickly and effortlessly trim the hoof wall, sole, and flare with smooth results every time or use one of the ..
Ex Gst:$613.64
Model: 40018D
The diamond coated file is a 4mm (5/32″) diameter file. The teeth of the 4 and 6 tooth chains are coated with tungsten carbide and because of the hardness of this material a diamond coated file is required to sharpen the teeth. A standard chain saw file just won’t work. You can also use the Diamond Coated File for our 8-tooth chain disc, keeping your manual hoof knife sharp and sharpening any ch..
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Model: 203641
The economy hoof trimmer is similar to the Quality model but not quite as nicely made. Blades do not open quite as far. But look at the price! Blades can be removed for sharpening but replacements are not available. Length 40cm o.a. Weight 2.3kg. The top-quality Farmhand brand smooth double action compound joint Hoof Trimmer will cut through the toughest hoof with ease. Blades easily ..
Ex Gst:$108.18
Model: 203634
  Top quality Italian-manufactured forged-steel snips specially developed for trimming toes of sheep and  goats. Non-serrated jaw (but serrated option can be ordered). Goat breeding customers tell us these  snips are very good value. Length 25cm..
Ex Gst:$36.32
Model: 30015D
Cow Hoof Trimming The Easy Way While the hooves of dairy cows only need to be trimmed once per year, the process can be arduous due to the unaccommodating nature of the animal. Typically, cow hoof trimming entails the use of a 4 ½ angle grinder and a specially designed system which holds the cow’s legs in place during the procedure. However, the Herd Boss offers an efficient and economical way ..
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Model: 211746
This cutting and grinding disc will fit onto a normal 115mm portable electric grinder, and is particularly useful when horn is very hard as often occurs in dairy situations. Use this flexible disc for less aggressive grinding back of hoof material, and for cleaning affected areas.  Safer to use than aggressive cutting discs, but will not last very long as a result. Diameter is 115mm with centre ..
Ex Gst:$9.55
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