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Firefighting Equipment

Model: 203331
Spare parts for drip torch as shown on the parts diagram..
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Model: 203346
Spare hose for Guarany Fire Fighter 20L Knapsack Sprayer..
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Model: A3354
Useful capacity of 17.5 litres Strong rigid tank Padded carrying straps and adjustable belt Kink resistant hose Long range lance directs spray between 8-12 metres Spare parts are available..
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Model: 207911
Made in Australia. Use for creating back-burns for fire control. Also for burning cane and other vegetation. Lightweight welded aluminium body. Simple and quick to operate. Gravity feed. No blow-back. Spares available. A well-proven product...
Ex Tax:$544.55
Model: 203327
The Guarany Drip Torch is used to start fires. It is filled with a mixture of 4 parts diesel plus one part petrol. A small fire is started by hand and the wick put in the fire to get the torch started. A stop- cock then easily controls the liquid flow. Fires can be set at a walking speed (3-4 kph). The tank is stainless steel. There are controls for air inlet and liquid outlet. A safety loop in t..
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Model: 209920
The Guarany knapsack firefighter is designed for comfortable use even for extended periods. It is generally used with plain water, but can be used for other foams and retardants with the air-aspirating nozzle supplied. The plastic tank features a handy carry handle, and vertical recess to store the pump handle. The whole device is quickly and easily converted to left or right-handed use. The p..
Ex Tax:$544.55
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