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Knives and Cutters

Every farmer needs at least one knife and Ozfarmer has a range of knives from small pocket knives through to machetes and butchering knives.

Model: 204127
Mundial is a well known brand of knives manufactured in Brazil. The company was established in Brazil before WWII by a German knife manufacturer. The production still bears the hallmark of its origins. Knife handles are polypropylene, which can be boiled, and the blades are of high-carbon stainless steel, which is easy to sharpen whilst being resistant to rust (not rustproof). These are mid-range..
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Model: 204135
The Bearhead has a single skinning blade of stainless steel with lock-open feature...
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Model: 204145
The Bearhead Trapper is a 2-blade general purpose stock knife with a general-use blade and a castrating blade. It also features a steel pick and tweezers...
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Model: 204144
The Sharp Finger is a non-folding knife supplied with a tan belt sheath. Blade is carbon steel. Blade length 10cm. Overall length is 18.5cm..
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Model: 204137
The Buzz Saw features a high-tech double-tooth saw blade which will cut through almost anything, along with a single general purpose blade, and pick and tweezers in the handle. Supplied with tan leather pouch...
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Model: 204140
The Junior Stockman is a 3-blade general purpose stock knife. Carbon steel blades. Blade variety to suit all tasks...
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Model: 204142
The Senior Stockman is a 3-blade general purpose stock knife. Carbon steel blades. Blade variety to suit all tasks...
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Model: 204103
High quality New Zealand-manufactured knife. Non-slip handle. Stainless-steel blade 15cm long...
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Model: 204157
High quality New Zealand manufactured knife. Non-slip handle design. Carbon-steel blade 16cm long...
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Model: 214481
Another quality tool from Burgon & Ball, UK.  As the name suggests, they are traditionally used in the UK as a knife for trimming sheep hooves.  Lambfoot blades have rounded tips, are safer to use and make good work knives. As the blade does not taper towards the point, it is also stronger than many other blade shapes. The straight cutting edge, makes these folding pocket knives ideal for wood car..
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Model: 204147
The Lansky Mini Crock is a very simple to use sharpener.  It can be used on all knives, pocket knives, scissors etc.  The special ceramic sharpening rods are not aggressive on the blade but shape the edge more like the action of a steel.At just 5cm square, this handy gadget can fit in your pocket and comes complete with instructions. ..
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Model: 710/30LP
Designed to accommodate a range of different sizes of stock knife these leather pouches feature heavy duty stitching and a press stud.  The pouch allows the knife to sit vertically when the pouch is on the belt thus minimising the chance of loss.Note that colours may vary from that shown in the photo with some of the leather being a darker brown colour. Available in 3", 4.5" an..
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