Jars and Bottles

Jars and Bottles

Ozfarmer Australia is the official Australian distributor for Weck Germany, Ball Mason USA, Pakezy, Orchard Road, Bell Mason and many other manufacturers.

These are the new Australian preferred preserving jars due to their ease of use, range of sizes and affordable replacement lids.

You can use Ball Mason jars in both water bath and pressure canners without a problem.All Ball jars are available in cases.  Most jars are packaged in cases of 12.  The exceptions are the heritage jars (case of 6), the half gallon jars (case of 6) and the pint and a half jars (cases of 9).  Where we sell cases of 6 of jars other than heritage jars and half gallon jars, these are a full case cut in half.  

All cases of jars come with tin lids coated with a BPA free lining and steel bands.  All lids and bands are silver.  All Ball jars are either embossed or quilted, with the exception of the smooth quarts which are completely plain and come with gold lids and bands. Ball jar sizes range from 4oz (around 125ml) through to half gallon (approximately 2 litres) in the preserving jar style, and the large Commemorative jar is only suitable for dry storage, pickles or fermenting foods, and these are 1 gallon or nearly 4 litres. Please use the following link to find a summary of Ball jar sizes and recommended uses as well as jar dimensions and capacities.  http://ozfarmer.com/ball-mason-jars-sizes-and-uses 

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