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Horses Equine

Horses Equine
Model: 218533
Made in the USA the Hook Over Portable Feeder is ideal for field, pasture, trailer, stall, or kennel use.Can be used for a variety of animals, including horses, goats, sheep, and dogs.Durable, impact-resistant plastic feeder has a molded-in bracket that easily hooks over any board up to 50mm width to deliver instantly a sturdy feed bucket.For more permanent installations, simply instal..
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Model: 208008
2 litre Feed Scoop: essential item for every farm!Traditional long-handle flat bottom style scoop is easier to use in deep containers, and keeps hands cleaner. Ideal for scooping out sheep nuts or poultry grain from their bags without having to pour it into a bucket.All plastic. ..
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Model: 211532
This heavy duty bandage is highly adhesive for use when you really want the bandage to stay on in difficult conditions. Length 3.5m.  Choose your preferred width...
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Model: 200368
The DAVIS Barrier Boot can be used as a replacement for a lost shoe to keep your horse balanced until the shoe can be replaced. Tough, durable PVC allows the horse to walk unshod, protecting the hoof from cracks and chips. The tire-like tread offers superior traction while walking on pavement, rocks or snow. The DAVIS Barrier Boot can also be used as a shoe alternative to your barefoot equine frie..
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Model: 200392
Dura-pitch forks are light-weight but very strong polycarbonate, with wood handle. The deep basket design is ideal to get a better load, without fall-off on the sides. Many uses on the farm and around stables.Available in Large (30cm x 40cm) and Small (26cm x 30cm).  ..
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Model: 200863
Horse bots are honey bee-sized flies that dart around and glue their tiny eggs or nits to body hairs of horses, donkeys and mules. The fast movements of these flies frighten animals. Horses also can injure themselves as they attempt to relieve the irritation from burrowing activities of newly hatched bots.Special shaped knife with serrated blade for removal of bot eggs..
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Model: 223470
Bovi-Bond urethane adhesive, from USA, is a proven system for attaching blocks to the healthy claw of lame cows’ hooves. Bovi-Bond does not need any special skill to mix and apply. The secret is in the double-barrel 210ml adhesive cartridge and the special dispensing gun. This system ensures that the two parts of the adhesive mixture are kept separate until they merge in the mixing tip. After trea..
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Model: 223080
Bovi-Bond hoof care product for cattle is a fast-setting urethane adhesive used to bond wood or rubber blocks to bovine hooves.Strong and quick-bonding. Sets in 30 seconds, weight bearing in 2-3 minutes. No fumes or odours, safe application in enclosed areas.Fast, easy application. Simply dispense to the block and position against hoof. No mixing required. No waste produced. Can be stored ..
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Model: 218559
These are quality buckets from Little Giant, USA. The great feature of these is the flat back. This means that the bucket can be hung anywhere with a simple hook, or nail, or by using the specially designed Little Giant wall mounting bracket. The flat back allows the bucket to be used as a feed or water bucket, hung simply and easily off the ground. Use different colours for different animals or ..
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Model: 211080
Canvas Chaps available in pull-on or side opening option.These comfortable-wearing high-quality leggings are made from 12oz poly-cotton water and mildew resistant ripstop canvas.They feature plastic camlock belt straps and leather ankle straps. The sideopening leggings have protective leather panels inside the knees and full length heavy duty plastic zips on the outside seams.Measureme..
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Model: 203615
These rasps are good quality high-carbon steel.    Very sharp for heavy-duty use.The plain model has 3 coarse faces and one fine with rasp edges.The handle model has coarse cut one side and fine on the other also with rasp edges.Nice plastic handle  with useful hanging eye.Blade 36cm x 4cm..
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Model: 703-530
Numbers refer to number of teeth on top and bottom blades. The 31-15 blade is the standard horse blade set and also for a clean cattle coat. 2 - 4mm cover. These blades also fit most similar clipper brands.  ..
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