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Portable Fencing

Portable fencing is useful in a number of situations including strip grazing cattle and making movable enclosures for poultry, sheep, goats and horses.
We have portable fencing kits complete with energiser as well as the accessories to build your own including tread in posts, electric fence tape, reels and preloaded fence reels.
Model: EF55
Fibreglass tread in posts are lightweight and the perfect solution for both strip grazing and permanent grazing.The rods are 10mm diameter, and lightweight.They come in packs of 25, in a choice of 3 sizes.Springclips can also be attached to the posts to enable multiple heights of wire to be strung.  This is shown in the photo but the clip is not included. Nylon caps help ..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Model: EF61B
Plastic multi-wire post 1080mm high Heavy duty white or black polymer Extremely light  ..
Ex Tax:$150.00
NOTE EXPRESS SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEMThe complete electric netting kit: perfect for hobby farms to contain goats, sheep, poddy calves, alpacas, etc and keep out wild dogs and foxes. Netting has 10 horizontal wires, height 108 cm.  Strengthened top strand with high conductive tinned copper wires, bottom wire is not electrified, nets can be joined together, UV stabilised plastic...
Ex Tax:$540.91
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