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Orphaned Animals

Tragically some newborn animals lose their mothers or occasionally need to be separated from them to be handraised.  The process is made easier by using the right equipment and ensuring that the newborn gets sufficient colostrum to build up immunity against disease.  We have animal drinking bottles, teats and feeders as well as specialised milk powder, including milk powder for raising orphaned kangaroos.
Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 213696
The big softy teat is designed to help prevent problems when milk is gravity fed to calves (eg. Fence mounted feeders). You want to prevent milk leakage whilst still allowing the calf to suckle freely. The design of the Big Softy is that it does not leak even after extensive use but opens up as soon as the calf starts to suckle. It will fit all feeders with 22mm teat holes...
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 211363
This variation on the regular Big Softy teat is for use with 54mm id screw-cap teat-mount fittings.NB: When mounting slit should be vertical with longer teat-tip upper most..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 207404
The speedy feeder is a 3-speed calf feed bottle. Now when you get a real  fast sucker switch to the fast speed option and let him go for  it!When you have a weak premature-born calf needing careful feeding switch to Stop or Slow and let it take milk as it can cope without drowning. The three speeds control the air-inlet to the bottle and thus the milk outflow. Red..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 213911
These water resistant calf covers are high quality cost-effective protection for young calves as well as older animals such as sheep and goats.Made from a polyester-based product with rip-stop and weatherproof properties. This material does not trap in the wind like plastic covers do thus keeps the calf warmer and calmer.Ideal for weak or sick calves and to protect smaller calves released ..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 200971
The survival of calves is dependent on them receiving at least 1.5 litres of good quality colostrum within the first few hours of life. They will usually receive this from their mother through their milk. If they are unable to receive it this way it is important to intervene as the colostrum contains antibodies which help give the animal immunity. This is where the Bovivet calf drencher comes in h..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 219448
A calf drencher is used to stomach feed young animals including electrolytes and colostrum. This drencher has a flexible long probe and a flexible collapsible bottle helping ensure that all the liquid is delivered. The capacity is 2 litres which makes it ideal for drenching calves. Instructions included.The usual vet recommendation is to administer approximately 2 litres of high ..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 210462
An improved bottle for feeding meal or starter dry feeds to calves. The special teat feeds the meal just like feeding milk.Suckling action makes the calf produce greater saliva than when feeding from bucket or trough thus aiding digestion.Calves can start on this feeder as a supplement feed from 1 or 2 weeks old. No waste or mess. Feed is always clean and dry.Supplied complete with scr..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 207386
The Easy Feeder features an intelligently  designed bottle with multi-directional easy-grip  hand hold.The teat is mounted low in the cap to  empty the bottle contents completely.The wide  diameter neck ensures easier filling and cleaning   and the coarse-thread cap is quick and easy to  fit.The wide base gives the bottle maximum  stability when stand..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 200977
Features a flexible zip top bag with hanging handle at the top.  The zip top allows for easy filling. The 1.2 m length flexible probe incorporates a 40cm rigid shaft with oesophageal positioning knob and on/off clamp.  Instructions on bag.  Capacity 2.5 litres marked in 500ml increments...
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 207391
Used in Australia for many years the Excal calf feeder features the well-proven Excal Fast-flow teat with non-return valve in the back to help weak or new-born calves start suckling.The air valve can be covered with finger or thumb if suckling is too fast.A good nursing bottle at a great price...
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 204197
Over the years, we have bottle raised many baby goats, and having tried numerous diffferent bottle types, this one is our definite favourite for new borns up until the age where they can manage more than 500ml/feed.This baby-quality strong and clear polycarbonate bottle cleans and sterilizes properly, unlike standard polypropylene bottles.Also the clarity makes for easy visibility of ..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 204198
Replacement teat for the non-vac lamb bottle.(Bottle not included: for illustration purposes only)..
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