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150mm / 6 inch Rain Gauge Fjord Classic
-15 %
Model: 205308
Gauge Fjord Classic Rain 150mm / 6" capacity A heavy duty, UV stabilised rain gauge made by Fjord Manufacturing in Australia. The tough design means that it will withstand many years of Australian sun and rough use.  It is easy to install with a multi-hole mounting plate. Comes with full instructions. Maximum capacity 150ml / 6". Click HERE for your own rain monitoring chart..
$17.00 $20.00
Ex Gst:$15.45
25 x Ecozone Eco Friendly Natural Dishwasher Tablets Cleaning Washing
-15 %
Model: 4666
Ecozone's all in one formula gives you brilliant results every time! No need to unwrap, just place 1 tablet in the dispenser tray and run your normal cycle. The high-performance formula cuts through grease and grime to leave your glasses sparkling and dishes shiny even on short cycles The fast dissolving soluble wrapper releases powerful plant-based ingredients to erase difficult baked on st..
$9.30 $10.95
Ex Gst:$8.45
280mm Rain Gauge Fjord Maxx
-15 %
Model: 210802
Gauge Fjord Maxx Rain 280mm capacity  Quick and easy to install Super accurate Inner tube scale measures 25mm and total capacity is 280mm Open access for easy cleaning Easy to read with raised graduations Tough UV stabilized for longer life   Fjord rain gauges are built tough to survive the harshest climates in Australia. With its special UV formulation and simple innovative..
$26.79 $31.50
Ex Gst:$24.35
Battery Tester
-15 %
Model: 209112
Every farm should have one. Instead of wasting batteries galore changing them just in case they are flat now use this handy tester. Easy-to-read dial.   Takes batteries of all brands AAA AA C D and 9v cells. Made by Hot-Shot USA..
$12.98 $15.25
Ex Gst:$11.80
Boom Kleen 5 litre / 20 litre
-15 %
Model: 200861
Spray booms need only the slightest traces of grain - spray chemicals (for example) to kill legume crops. Boom Kleen cleans and neutralises all internal pump, hose and boom surfaces. It in fact etches all internal surfaces back to bare metal etc. But even though it completely cleans out any spray residues, Boom Kleen is harmless to grasses and crops. Use it regularly, at the beginning and the e..
$28.05 $33.00
Ex Gst:$25.50
Bottle Pump 4ml or 30ml/stroke
-15 %
Model: 200865
Handy plastic pumps suitable for most locally manufactured plastic containers with 38mm threads. Cut suction tube length to suit container depth (up to 25cm).  Size in ml denotes how many ml are dispensed per stroke...
$8.91 $10.50
Ex Gst:$8.10
Budding and Grafting Knife Black Handle
-15 %
Model: 204105
General purpose cutting blade and special brass grafting blade. The cutting blade features a special spur on the back edge useful for grafting work...
$66.28 $77.95
Ex Gst:$60.25
Butcher's Knife  25cm
-15 %
Model: 204108
This is a large knife suitable for a lot of uses, not least of being a great fish knife! High quality New Zealand-manufactured knife. Non-slip handle. Stainless-steel blade 25cm long. ..
$55.22 $64.95
Ex Gst:$50.20
Canvas Chaps Leggings Pull-On or Side Open
-15 %
Model: 211080
Canvas Chaps available in pull-on or side opening option. These comfortable-wearing high-quality leggings are made from 12oz poly-cotton water and mildew resistant ripstop canvas. They feature plastic camlock belt straps and leather ankle straps. The sideopening leggings have protective leather panels inside the knees and full length heavy duty plastic zips on the outside seams. Measureme..
$92.84 $109.25
Ex Gst:$84.40
Cargo Net Aerofast Heavy Duty Large
-15 %
Model: 218020
Cargo Net Aerofast Heavy Duty Large This is the ultimate trailer cover. Very heavy duty anti-snag, anti-rip mesh material, with two centrally located 50mm webbing and cam-lock straps, plus all-round heavy duty 8mm bungy cord and extra cam-lock tie-downs at each corner. This net is suitable for almost any material you are likely to haul on your trailer - from rubbish or firewood to furniture. ..
$125.40 $147.50
Ex Gst:$114.00
Cargo Net Aerofast Supastrap Large
-15 %
Model: 218018
Cargo Net Aerofast Supastrap Large The Aerofast Supastrap net is a lightweight material but still very strong and resistant to snags or rips. The net has heavy-duty webbing sewn into the whole perimeter. The 6mm perimeter bungee cord is attached to this. Also there are 8 removable plastic hooks supplied to give extra security.  Not waterproof..
$48.40 $56.95
Ex Gst:$44.00
Chicken, Duck, Poultry Egg Collection Basket
-15 %
Model: 218544
These quality baskets are designed especially for egg collection, allowing for easy cooling, washing and drying of eggs. All joints are welded, and the whole basket coated to prevent corrosion. Basket option diameters: small - 20cm, large – 33cm Made by Little Giant, USA..
$18.65 $21.95
Ex Gst:$16.95
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