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Traps and Cages

Traps and cages for eliminating or relocating problem animals including wild cats, foxes, rabbits, mynah birds and more.
Model: A3241
Made of solid metal construction, this trap collapses flat for easy transportation and storage. 66 x 30 x 23.5 cmNote that priority shipping is not available for this item...
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Model: 220482
This double entry trap features double guillotine-style doors.The advantage of a double door trap is that the animal to be caught does not perceive any danger, as it can see right through the trap. Bait is not necessarily required.This is also especially effective if the trap is camouflaged with grass or branches.It also helps if the trap is left in place so that grass or weeds ..
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Model: 212264
The feature of these 2 door traps is that the animal to be caught is deceived by the clear unobstructed view through the open doors.You don’t need to use bait: just place the trap in a traffic-way of the target animal (ideally leave the trap in the same place so that vegetation can grow through the mesh floor making it less visible to the animal. A good feature is that the animal is unharmed ..
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Model: 212427
Using live baits (mice, birds, etc) substantially increases the efficiency of fox and feral cat trapping. Live bait is irresistible to these animals. Our live-bait trap has a separate secure compartment where the bait animal has room to move about.Trap dimension is 127cm x 36cm x 47cm. Guillotine-type door...
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Model: 213171
The Large Bird trap should be set up between 1.6m and 1.8m above ground on a wood pole or post. Suitable bait is placed in the small central tray (grains or bread, etc). As soon as the bird lands and moves the bait tray, the spring loaded mesh hoop flies over trapping the bird which is not killed or hurt. Dimensions are overall. Steel construction with nylon capture mesh...
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Model: 211234
Large round cage trap with 4 entrances. A separate central round cage area is for placement of bait or decoy bird. *Each entrance is a separate compartment where bird cannot escape, or eat bait or decoy. Up to 4 birds can be caught at one time. Trap should be placed in an open area, not under a tree. The bait or decoy is the most important element of this trap. If one type is not successful, a..
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Model: 211228
Simple wire cage trap-door bait trap that catches mice live. Metal cage with wood base. Dimensions: 12cm long x 5cm wide x 6cm high. ..
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Model: 214596
Our ´double entry´ mouse trap is low-line so it can sit under furniture or out of sight. There is an entry each side. As the mouse walks in the entry the floor drops down and lets it through. The floor then rises up again preventing egress. The trap is all-galvanised, but the top is clear plastic. This serves to encourage other mice in as soon as one is caught inside. (Mice like to socialise in s..
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Model: 214581
We reckon even Houdini Mouse will not escape one of these. Like all live-catch traps, mice go into these more for the social experience than for the food it is baited with.Dimensions: Small 18cm L x 10cm W x 7cm H. Large 29cm L x 14cm W x 12cm H.All zinc plated steel. Easily opened by swing-over bars.  ..
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Model: 211223
This wire-tube trap is best used directly in the burrow hole to catch the emerging rabbit. Other burrow exits should be blocked. The one-way door is propped open with a straw so it will close as soon as the rabbit enters. The live rabbit can then be disposed of. Dimensions: length 81cm, diameter 13cm.  ..
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Model: 211199
Designed to kill ferrets, stoats and weasels. The small access hole prevents entry of cats, dogs and other non-target species. Fresh meat such as rabbit or poultry entrails is ideal as bait. Instructions for loading, and removal of catch, are supplied with each trap. Dimensions: 42cm long x 17cm wide x 26cm high.  ..
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