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Rodents and Vermin

Model: 18412
  Scare tape is a simple and effective way to repel birds. The holographic bird tape flashes blinding light and makes a noise when it flaps in the wind. Its multi-sensory attack scares birds away from the treated area. This products has been used effectively for years in farms, vineyards & other agricultural applications.Sunlight reflects off the material, disorienting & irritating pest birds ..
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Model: 211409
These plastic Eurofarm bait boxes feature key lock (key supplied) to ensure safety for children and pets. Key is removable...
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Model: 18413
Humming tape is a simple and effective way to repel birds.The tape vibrates in the breeze emitting a humming which drives birds away. The sound changes depending on the wind, so birds do not become accustomed to the noise. Installation: Set stakes in your vegie garden 3-6 metres apart. String tape taut between stakes. For best results vary line heights and angles.Roll 30 metres x 5mm..
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Model: 11859
Rodenticides of any brand should always be applied through the use of bait stations.  Although it’s not required to do so by law there are a number of very good reasons to make baiting stations part of your everyday baiting program.Ratshot Locked bait stations are your key to baiting success, built strong, durable and compact using high quality UV stabilised plastic for total piece o..
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Model: 11851
iO Ratshot Blocks BLUE is deadly to mice & rats. It also reduces the risk for secondary poisoning for dogs, cats, birds, native animals, livestock.Ready to use Baits for BALANCED RODENT CONTROL indoors and out.Like no other anticoagulant bait RATSHOT with DIFenacoum is different by targeting both rats and mice much more specifically. The table shows how effective RATSHOT with Difenaco..
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Model: 214581
We reckon even Houdini Mouse will not escape one of these. Like all live-catch traps, mice go into these more for the social experience than for the food it is baited with.Dimensions: Small 18cm L x 10cm W x 7cm H. Large 29cm L x 14cm W x 12cm H.All zinc plated steel. Easily opened by swing-over bars.  ..
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Model: 211228
Simple wire cage trap-door bait trap that catches mice live. Metal cage with wood base. Dimensions: 12cm long x 5cm wide x 6cm high. ..
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Model: 211408
These plastic Eurofarm bait boxes feature key lock (key supplied) to ensure safety for children and pets. Key is removable.Available in small rat/mouse and large rat size...
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Model: 211227
Simple wire cage trap-door bait trap that catches the rat live. Metal cage with wood base. Dimensions: 28cm long x 10cm wide x 10cm high...
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Model: A3192
A potent extruded chocolate flavoured block bait containing second generation active, brodifacoum (0.05g/kg), for use in bait stations Brodifacoum is designed to kill rodents in a single feed as a fast acting and long term solution to control rats and mice The formula for this bait has been developed with minimal wax to ensure maximum palatability There are no bittering agents included as th..
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Model: 12432
iO Ratshot Blocks Rapidkill Red is deadly to mice & rats.RATSHOT Rapidkill Blocks employ the explosive power of Brodifacoum making them ONE-FEED Killers and super effective for high rodent populations. Most powerful active available, Genuine ONE-FEED killing power of both Rats and Mice Science based formulation, all-weather Rapidkill Blocks(Always read the approved label)..
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Model: 211223
This wire-tube trap is best used directly in the burrow hole to catch the emerging rabbit. Other burrow exits should be blocked. The one-way door is propped open with a straw so it will close as soon as the rabbit enters. The live rabbit can then be disposed of. Dimensions: length 81cm, diameter 13cm.  ..
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Model: 211225
This wire cage trap incorporates a clever non-return trap door that ensures no escape. Bait is placed on central tray. Rear door opens for placement of bait, and easy removal of captured rat. This trap can catch more than one rat before needing to be emptied. Dimensions: 42cm long x 24cm wide x 18cm high. All metal construction.  ..
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Model: A3241
Made of solid metal construction, this trap collapses flat for easy transportation and storage. 66 x 30 x 23.5 cmNote that priority shipping is not available for this item...
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Model: 25228
Keep Your Family and Pets Safe This Season With the Twin Pack Dual Frequency Model Weather Resistant Battery Snake Repeller.The weather resistant, tough, EBC battery powered snake repellers are ideally suited to use in places where sunlight is poor, in areas needing protection that are shady or where repellers need to be placed around buildings, poultry yards, aviaries, kennels, stables l..
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Model: 211231
All metal trap with a single entry guillotine-style door.  Bait can be meat or fresh entrails.All metal construction ensures that it will stand up to rough treatment.Trap ensures that the animal can be humanely caught and relocated to another site if necessary.62cm long x 21cm wide x 21 cm high.Note that priority shipping is not available for this item...
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Model: 211229
The Small Bird trap should be set up between 1.6m and 1.8m above ground on a wood pole or post. Suitable bait is placed in the small central tray (grains or bread, etc). As soon as the bird lands and moves the bait tray, the spring loaded mesh hoop flies over trapping the bird which is not killed or hurt. Dimensions are 50cm x 45cm. Painted steel construction with nylon capture mesh.  ..
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Model: 211199
Designed to kill ferrets, stoats and weasels. The small access hole prevents entry of cats, dogs and other non-target species. Fresh meat such as rabbit or poultry entrails is ideal as bait. Instructions for loading, and removal of catch, are supplied with each trap. Dimensions: 42cm long x 17cm wide x 26cm high.  ..
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Model: 220482
This double entry trap features double guillotine-style doors.The advantage of a double door trap is that the animal to be caught does not perceive any danger, as it can see right through the trap. Bait is not necessarily required.This is also especially effective if the trap is camouflaged with grass or branches.It also helps if the trap is left in place so that grass or weeds ..
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Model: 211234
Large round cage trap with 4 entrances. A separate central round cage area is for placement of bait or decoy bird. *Each entrance is a separate compartment where bird cannot escape, or eat bait or decoy. Up to 4 birds can be caught at one time. Trap should be placed in an open area, not under a tree. The bait or decoy is the most important element of this trap. If one type is not successful, a..
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Model: 212427
Using live baits (mice, birds, etc) substantially increases the efficiency of fox and feral cat trapping. Live bait is irresistible to these animals. Our live-bait trap has a separate secure compartment where the bait animal has room to move about.Trap dimension is 127cm x 36cm x 47cm. Guillotine-type door...
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