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 Bormioli Rocco 1 Litre Glass Swing Top bottle Water Kombucha  Bormioli Rocco 1 Litre Glass Swing Top bottle Water Kombucha
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Oil / Vinegar / Water / Kombucha / Wine Fido Glass Swing Top 1 Litre bottleThe Bormioli Rocco Swing top bottle has a number of practical uses.  Store oils, vinegars, homemade cordials and fruit liqueurs.The patterned bottles are also perfect for saving fermented drinks such as kombucha and ..
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**INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY*** Sorry we are unable to send this item outside Australia. Are worms affecting your sheep or goat herd?  Worms can wreak havoc on herds if not controlled quickly: for small farmers it is easy to spot an animal suffering from worms. With barbers pole worm,..
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Active Ingredient: Triclopyr200g/L Triclopyr 100g/L PicloramGroup I HerbicideFor the control of unwanted timber by stem injection or cut stump/brushcutter application and control of blackberry, gorse and harrisia cactus by foliage spray...
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Preserve your food the natural way with this French made Fermenting Jar.  Fermenting food is the oldest form of preserving with the technique being in use for over 4000 years! Yes you can make Pickles, Kimchi and Sauerkraut, and that is just the start. Ferment all your veggies and fruits into delici..
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1 Litre Preserving Sauce Bottle Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni
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This bottle is ideal for preserving sauces, passata and milk. The bottle features beautiful etching on its sides and comes complete with a lid which incorporates a pop top seal to help you visually see that a vacuum has formed during the preserving process.The Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni ran..
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Active Ingredient: Chlorpyrifos500g/L Chlorpyrifos 488g/L Liquid hydrocarbonEmulsifiable Concentrate Group 1B Insecticide For post construction management of subterranean termites in accordance with Australian Standards and other domestic insect pests and certain insect pests in crops a..
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The Bormioli Rocco Fido range features jars with a glass swing lid that closes down on a rubber seal and locks by way of a wire bail.  This allows an air tight seal for a wide range of foods including dried goods, dehydrated fruit and vegetables, pickles and chutneys, and oils.  These jars are not s..
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Brand: Weck
1 x 200ml Weck Tapered Jars  Jar with wooden lid and inbuilt silicone seal.  The lids are made from sustainably grown acacia and feature the usual variations found in a natural products. No 2 lids are exactly alike and some are darker than others.  These lids are ideal ..
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2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the first series of jars designed by Ball brothers, each jar intended to be better than the one before. 1913 saw the launch of the first true "Perfect Mason" jar.These limited edition jars are a celebration of the heritage, featuring period-correct blue ..
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Brand: Weck
1 litre (actual capacity 1040ml) Weck Preserving Cylinder Jar.  Takes Medium lid and seal. Good size for long thin vegetables such as beans and asparagus.Jjar complete with glass lid, natural rubber seal and 2 stainless steel clips.   (Note that jars may be supplied with Rex lids ..
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Brand: Weck SKU: 766
Weck reusable Glass Jars are of the highest quality and contain NO BPA! (Bisphenol A).Jar comes complete with glass lid, rubber seal and 2 stainless steel clips. (Note that jars may be supplied with Rex lids rather than Weck branded ones. Rex brand is made in the Weck factory but does not ha..
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Brand: Weck
Jar with white BPA free push on Keep Fresh lid.  Whilst they snap on firmly and provide an airtight seal we would not recommend using them for transporting liquids unless you are able to maintain them firmly in an upright position. Lid should not be washed in the dishwasher. The lid o..
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