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Calf Meal Starter Bottle

Calf Meal Starter Bottle

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An improved bottle for feeding meal or starter dry feeds to calves. The special teat feeds the meal just like feeding milk.

Suckling action makes the calf produce greater saliva than when feeding from bucket or trough thus aiding digestion.

Calves can start on this feeder as a supplement feed from 1 or 2 weeks old. No waste or mess. Feed is always clean and dry.

Supplied complete with screw-on plastic mounting bracket. Optional extra strong steel bracket available especially for use by large strong calves.

Also optional is a milk-feeding teat so bottle can be used as normal milk feeder when required. Bottle capacity 4 litres.

NB: Teat slit should be vertical for correct operation.  Secure plastic bracket to rail before attempting to attach feeder to it.

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