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Cheese Moulds

We stock a range of moulds for making hard and soft cheese including specialty moulds such as the caprino mould.

Model: 73131
This classically formed mould is specially shaped to optimise the development of Camembert and blue-veined types.Made of food grade plastic. Dishwasher safe.Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.6cm Bottom Diameter: 9cm Height: 9.2cm..
Ex Gst:$6.45
Model: 73133
A long and skinny mould suitable for Caprino whole or skim goat's milk cheese and other similar soft cheese styles.Made of food grade plastic that is dishwasher safe.Measurements: Top Diameter: 7 cm Bottom Diameter: 5.8 cm Height: 14.5 cm..
Ex Gst:$8.45
Model: 73134
A robust yet conveniently sized mould for hard cheeses that also comes with a pressing plate for an all in one solution!Measurements: Top Diameter: 12 cm Bottom Diameter: 11.4 cm Height: 13.5 cm..
Ex Gst:$13.95
Model: 73136
Versatile multi-use cheese mould for small batches.This one is ideal for many types of non specialised cheese variants.Measurements: Top Diameter: 8 cm Bottom Diameter: 7 cm Height: 8 cm..
Ex Gst:$3.59
Model: 73147
If you have ventured into making hard cheeses, a cheese press is an indispensable item.Whilst homemade presses may be easily made, these generally do not provide you with an accurate and reliable gauge of the pressure being applied (which will determine the texture of the end product).The Mad Millie Cheese press is a cost effective option:Equipped with a 2 litre mould, the press..
Ex Gst:$56.32
Model: 73139
Large Ricotta Container and BasketLarge ricotta container specially designed to help the cheese breathe well so that it is light sweet and moist.Comes with a handy storage container too.Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.8cm Bottom Diameter: 7.8cm Height: 10cm..
Ex Gst:$5.23
Model: 73154
Plastic Cheese MatPlastic cheese mat with elevating feet used for draining and/or air drying cheese. ..
Ex Gst:$4.00
Model: 73140
Small Ricotta Container and BasketThis ricotta basket is specially designed to help the cheese breathe well so that it is light sweet and moist.  Has a handy storage container too.Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.5 cm Bottom Diameter: 7.5 cm Height: 7 cm..
Ex Gst:$4.77
Model: 73137
Square Fetta Cheese MouldYou'll get a fabulous authentic look with this traditional square mould for making Feta as well as the famous Italian Telaggio.Measurements: 11cm x 11 cm Height 8.5cm ..
Ex Gst:$5.00
Model: 33103
The Dutch Style Cheese Press will make a cheese connoisseur out of anyone. One of the most powerful, hygienic, and durable presses on the market today, this Dutch-style model is made from sanitary 304 series stainless steel and features a 4-to-1 weight ratio that generates as much as 50 lbs. of force. It also boasts 8 perforations for easy draining, a 0.5-gallon food grade plastic weight holder, m..
Ex Gst:$200.23
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