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Cheese, Yoghurt and Butter

Brand: Imported Model: 2131261
A very handy measuring instrument made of plastic used to measure or transfer small amounts of rennet or lipase as well as calcium chloride. Markings on the syringe go up to a maximum of 3ml. Comes in a sterilised package and can be used for cheesemaking applications multiple times.  (The syringe is marked as single use but this only applies when it is being used with a needle). A st..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: F29
Cheese Salt adds flavour and helps preserve cheese. It is non-iodised as iodine inhibits growth of the starter culture. Can also be used in pickles and does not contain anti caking agents. Note that the picture of the shaker is for illustration purposes and you are actually just buying salt. For pickling salt please see our listing for pickling salt. available in 250g and 1 kg bags...
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: CITRIC ACID
Citric Acid is a natural preservative used in place of culture to add an acidic zesty taste. It is ideal when making Ricotta Mozzarella and other simple fresh cheeses. Comes packaged in a resealable bag...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73359
Iodophor/ Sterilising Solution Iodine based sterilizing solution will help your cheese making results as using it on your tools and containers will maintain excellent hygiene...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73121
A calibrated beaker used to dilute rennet or lipase in the right amount of cooled boiled-water to ensure it is evenly distributed within the milk...
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: CALCIUM CHLORIDE
Adding calcium chloride to pasteurized and/or homogenised milk you buy from a shop helps restore calcium balance back to the milk to create a firmer curd. Available in 50ml and 100ml bottle...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73136
Versatile multi-use cheese mould for small batches. This one is ideal for many types of non specialised cheese variants. Measurements: Top Diameter: 8 cm Bottom Diameter: 7 cm Height: 8 cm..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4853
The Tovolo Ladle Clip keeps almost any tool within reach without creating a mess on your stovetop or in a spoon rest. Heat resistant silicone and internal spring create a firm grip on almost any pot or pan! Heat resistant silicone won't scratch your cookware Extra-large hook securely holds most tools Flexible clip expands to fit almost any vessel These clips are a must have for anyone makin..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73123
Pipette for Cheesemaking 3ml  A very handy measuring instrument made of plastic used to measure or transfer small amounts of rennet or lipase as well as calcium chloride...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73140
Small Ricotta Container and Basket This ricotta basket is specially designed to help the cheese breathe well so that it is light sweet and moist.  Has a handy storage container too. Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.5 cm Bottom Diameter: 7.5 cm Height: 7 cm..
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10 x Vegetarian Rennet Tablets Home Made Cheese Cheddar Haloumi Mozarella Feta
Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73360
Much more convenient than using rennet powder or liquid rennet tablets must be dissolved in cool boiled-water before being added to a recipe. Vegetarian Rennet in a convenient tablet form. This is the rennet used in the Mozzarella recipe. Made from Coagulant enzyme of Mucor miehei Each tablet is sufficient to coagulate 4 litres of milk (note that this differs from the old tablets that used t..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73137
Square Fetta Cheese Mould You'll get a fabulous authentic look with this traditional square mould for making Feta as well as the famous Italian Telaggio. Measurements: 11cm x 11 cm Height 8.5cm  ..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73139
Large Ricotta Container and Basket Large ricotta container specially designed to help the cheese breathe well so that it is light sweet and moist. Comes with a handy storage container too. Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.8cm Bottom Diameter: 7.8cm Height: 10cm..
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: Rennet 50ml
Vegetarian Rennet 50ml CHY-MAX is nature's own milk clotting enzyme; pure Fermentation Produced Chymosin. It is suitable for vegetarians and can also be used in making a variety of Kosher cheeses.   It is widely used in the commercial cheese making industry to coagulate the milk for cheese and junket making. It contains no animal tissue and is therefore particularly good if you would like to ma..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73131
This classically formed mould is specially shaped to optimise the development of Camembert and blue-veined types. Made of food grade plastic. Dishwasher safe. Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.6cm Bottom Diameter: 9cm Height: 9.2cm..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 72997
Kefir culture freeze dried x 2 sachets Kefir is a popular and delicious fermented drink, using bacteria and yeast, which is healthy and great for you.  It can taste like a liquid yoghurt drink and be flavoured with fruit or other flavourings of your choice. This Kefir Culture contains 7 bacteria strains and 1 yeast strain: Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris Lactococcus lactis subsp. ..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: Calf Lipase 20g
This lipase offers a sharp lingering 'peccorino' profile that harks back to ancient Roman times and is still very popular today. Lipase is a preservative free enzyme made from animal tissue. It brings additional flavour to milk which helps develop the various flavour profiles in your cheese Dosage is dependent on taste preferences.   Use between 0.1 and 0.5 grams per litre of mil..
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Cheese-making thermometer
-50 %
Brand: Mad Millie Model: Ozfarmer Thermometer
Ensures accurate monitoring of the milk temperature to certify optimal conditions for starter cultures and enzyme when making cheese.  This thermometer measures temperature in both celcius and fahrenheit.  It is a metal thermometer and has a 22cm stem. It also has a small red marker which allows you to set the temperature you are aiming for to easily monitor it.  ..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73002
White Mould Culture Blend 5 pack This is a freeze dried mixed blend culture containing Penicillium Camemberti AND Aromatic Mesophilic (Flora Danica). So you no longer need to purchase Penicillum Camemberti and Aromatic Mesophilic seperately.  Penicillium Camemberti (ZX27) (also known as Penicillium candidum or Penicillium caseiolum) is essential in the ripening process of white surface mould..
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Brand: Imported Model: 1068
These tiny stainless steel measuring spoons are great for when required to measure out tiny amounts of culture and/or enzymes. They are also useful for herbs and spices or when following grandma's old recipes that call for a smidgen! Dash is approx. 1/8 tsp Pinch is approx. 1/16 tsp Smidgen is approx. 1/32 tsp Nip is approx. 1/40 tsp..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3004
Stainless steel milk thermometer with dial which reads up to 100 degrees C.  Zone for milk frothing is marked in red.Can also be used for heating milk for yoghurt and cheese making.It has a clip that allows it to be hung on the side of the pot.Shaft is approximately 11cm long from clip.The tip of the thermometer should be at least 5cm into the liquid.Do not use the thermometer in the microwave...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73133
A long and skinny mould suitable for Caprino whole or skim goat's milk cheese and other similar soft cheese styles. Made of food grade plastic that is dishwasher safe. Measurements: Top Diameter: 7 cm Bottom Diameter: 5.8 cm Height: 14.5 cm..
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Brand: Ezivac Model: D35
Gauge is clear and easy to read and highlights the ideal temperature to heat milk. Made from stainless steel...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73324
Wrap Silver 10 pack 240 x 240 This micro-perforated silver cheese wrap ensures that the cheese is able to breathe under a controlled environment during the entire maturation process of up to 10 weeks. It is especially great for developing milder blue cheeses and is also good for making white mould ripened cheese such as Brie or Camembert.  ..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 3494
This stainless steel skimmer is a handy tool for any keen preserver or cheese maker.  Use it to remove the scum from the surface of jams and jellies, as well as stocks and soups.  It can also be used to remove fragile curds when cheesemaking.   12.5cm long...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73327
Best for: Camembert Brie and other white moulded cheeses. This wrap is micro-perforated to allow the cheese to breath over a 6-10 week period during which the external white mould can infuse the interior. The dull side of the paper is designed to absorb any excess moisture while the shiny side with holes protects the cheese from dying out whilst still allowing the cheese to breathe and develop in ..
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: Mesophilic culture x 3
  Freeze dried culture which is suitable for a wide range of hard and soft cheeses.   Each sachet contains enough culture for 10L of milk For best results stir sachet content directly into 10 litres of milk at the time and temperature stated in your recipe If you are making a smaller quantity, we recommend using small measuring spoons to measure out a proportion or us..
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Making Cheese, Butter and Yoghurt; book by Ricki Carroll
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 91302
Over 10,000 years of cheese making (plus butter and yogurt making) wisdom is contained in this bulletin. Outlines in detail everything you need to know from equipment and ingredients, to pasteurizing your own milk, to great recipes for fresh, wholesome, delicious dairy products you make right in your own kitchen.  ..
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: Probiotic culture
You are buying 3 sachets of probiotic yoghurt culture, packaged in a resealable foil bag. Optionally you can select the bulk pack of 10 sachets. A specifically crafted starter culture based on the Thermophilic family that produces optimal results for your probiotic yoghurt. This culture contains probiotic cultures which are well known for their health benefits. Freeze dried mixed strain c..
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: 73712
  Freeze dried culture which is suitable for a wide range of hard and soft cheeses. Mesophilic is a freeze-dried culture, which contains Lactococcus lactis without biovar. diacetylactis. Each sachet contains enough culture for 4 L of milk. Activity = 2.4 U. Store below 25°C 5 sachets will make: 5 batches (2.5 kg/5.4 lb) of Hard Cheese Or 20 batches (8 kg/17.5 lb) of So..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73204
High quality cheese wax made the age-old way.  Yellow wax is supplied in 450g packs  ..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 72991
Thermophilic culture is freeze dried culture for cheese that must be heated to high temperatures such as Mozzarella, Parmesan and some Italian and Swiss styles Each sachet contains enough culture for 8 L (2 US Gal.) of milk Activity = 2.4 U For best results stir sachet content directly into 8 + ltr. (2 US Gal.) of milk at the time and temperature stated in your recipe Shelf life is 24 ..
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: Flora Danica x 3
Flora Danica is a freeze dried multiple mixed strain culture containing Lactoccus lastis subsp. Cremoris Lactoccus lactis subsp.  This (mesophilic type) culture adds a buttery taste to any soft cheese such as Havarti, Gouda, Edam, Camembert, Brie, Feta, Blue, Buttermilk, Sour Cream, Cream cheese, Creme Fraiche and Cultured Butter. This culture may be used as a direct set culture or to inc..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73001
This is a freeze dried mixed blend culture containing Penicillium Roqueforti AND Aromatic Mesophilic. So you no longer need to purchase Penicillum Roqueforti and Aromatic Mesophilic seperately.  Penicillium Roqueforti (VZ3) is an important ingredient in the production of blue cheese. It is a dried, powdered conidia produced from the fungus Penicillium roqueforti and is responsible for the ..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73196
This draining spoon is used for stirring and separating curd from whey during the cheesemaking process. Length: 32.5cm..
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Brand: Imported Model: Nut Milk Bag
100% natural cotton nut milk bags x 2 Make your own delicious and nutritious nut milk with the help of this pair of natural nut milk bags. Simply soak the nuts in water for 4 - 24 hours, strain, rinse and then blend with water before straining through the nut milk bag.  Fresh nut milk can be stored in the fridge for 2 - 3 days. The bags can also be used to strain fruit juice from pu..
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Brand: D-Line Model: 73192
This knife is specialised to carefully cut delicate curd withour tearing when making cheese. It is a special, long, blunt tip knife. Sterilize before use...
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Brand: Imported Model: Ogilvies cheesecloth
Can be used for straining sauces, soups and stocks, seasoning bouquets, wrapping cheese, meats and poultry and even for polishing stainless steel.  It is also useful for straining coconut and nut milks. Medium weave: fold in half for tight weave and finer straining. Cloth is 200 x 104 cm and comes with 200cm of cooking string. We recommend washing the cloth before first use...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73321
  Best For: long term refrigerated storage of your finished cheeses. The waxed coated paper is waxed both sides which helps to retain moisture in the cheese while still allowing the cheese to breath and further develop without drying out. The wrap is perfect for wrapping both soft and hard cheeses before selling giving away as gifts as well as prolonging their shelf-life in the refrigerator...
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Brand: D-Line Model: 4382
The stainless steel funnel has a removable strainer making it useful for pouring liquids into bottles and removing solids on the way.  Use for home made tomato sauce, oil, wine etc. Narrow spout means it will fit most size bottles and jars. Image shows funnel with and without strainer. Please note that picture shows 2views of the one funnel to illustrate the funnel with and without the strai..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 206810
This thermometer has a number of useful applications about the farm and home. Use it for preserving and cheesemaking as well as for testing milk temperature at milking. The thermometer is mercury free and a glass column encased in plastic for extra protection.  Plastic is heat resistant. A hanging loop at the top allows for easy attachment. Overall length is 31cm and the thermometer will measu..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 206811
This thermometer has a number of useful applications about the farm and home. Use it for preserving and cheesemaking as well as for testing milk temperature at milking. The thermometer is mercury free and a glass column.  The thermometer is protected by a sturdy plastic housing. A hanging loop at the top allows for easy attachment. Overall length is 27cm and the thermometer will measure t..
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Brand: Sunstate Model: 9781632204660
Here is an easy-to-understand, beautifully illustrated guide to making cheese. It includes a basic overview of cheese manufacturing and ageing, from the raw ingredients to the final product, and much more. With clear instructions, gorgeous photographs, and a glossary, this comprehensive guide will teach readers all about the fascinating processes that produce different kinds of cheese. Recipes ..
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Greek Yoghurt Jar Complete Yoghurt Kit Add Milk or Soy
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73518
Mad Millie’s Probiotic Greek Yoghurt Kit helps you make delicious probiotic greek yoghurt, soy yoghurt and Labna (yoghurt cheese). This yoghurt contains live Bifidobacterium species, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus which make for tasty yoghurt and they are great for you too! Each gram of Mad Millie Greek Yoghurt contains over a million probiotic bacteria cells, scien..
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Brand: Sunstate Model: 9781849942720
Make your own traditional artisan cheese, butter and yoghurt Traditional English cheeses are finally getting the attention they deserve and this book helps you enjoy the process and the product at home. No complicated equipment or ingredients or premises are needed to make cheeses as this excellent introduction to the craft shows. Author Susan Ogilvy uses manageable quantities of milk, and with..
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Brand: Sunstate Model: 9781570672835
  Gourmet restaurateur and vegan food expert Miyoko Schinner shares her secrets for making homemade nondairy cheeses that retain all the complexity and sharpness of their dairy counterparts while incorporating nutritious nuts and plant-based milks Miyoko shows how to tease artisan flavors out of unique combinations of.ingredients,such as rejuvelac and nondairy yogurt, with min..
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Brand: Sunstate Model: 9781631061318
Whether you are a beginner or consider yourself a connoisseur, the Bedford Cheese Shop's A First Course in Cheese provides you with everything you need to know about how to choose, taste, pair, and enjoy the rich, delicious, and varied types of cheeses from around the world. With stunning imagery throughout, you'll learn: - The science of the cheese-making process. - The many different and ..
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Brand: Sunstate Model: 9781584799054
By Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough From appearances at the most high-end restaurants to street food carts coast-to-coast, goat meat and dairy products are being embraced across the country as the next big thing. With its excellent flavor, wide-ranging versatility, and numerous health benefits, goat meat, milk, and cheese are being sought by home cooks. And while goat is the world’s ..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73549
No it’s not a typo: mylk is the word used to describe non dairy versions of milk. Many of the nut mylks sold in supermarkets contain lots of fillers and not much of the actual nutty goodness. When you make your own, you know exactly what it going into your finished product. he Mad Millie Nut Mylk Kit contains everything you need to create, experiment and perfect your nut mylk time and ti..
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Brand: Ozfarmer Model: Ozi Yoghurt Kit
Ozi Ezi Complete Pro-biotic Yoghurt Kit  WITH Yoghurt Jars! Home Made Yoghurt! Make your own delicious probiotic yoghurt (or soy yoghurt or Greek style / yoghurt cheese) at home. Perfect for beginners and advanced users with all ingredients and equipment included. It takes just 10 minutes to make 10 litres (10 quarts) of yoghurt. Kit Contains: Butter Muslin 4 sachets of 2 different P..
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Artisan Cheese Making at Home
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Brand: Sunstate Model: 9781607740087
  Artisan Cheese Making at Home is the most ambitious and comprehensive guide to home cheese making, filled with easy-to-follow instructions for making mouthwatering cheese and dairy items. Renowned cooking instructor Mary Karlin has spent years working alongside the country’s most passionate artisan cheese producers—cooking, creating, and learning the nuances of their trade. She present..
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Brand: Imported Model: 212958
All stainless steel funnel with integral mesh screen.  Ideal for use with large milk cans or buckets. Also very useful for straining tomatoes and fruit for sauce making. Top is 32cm diameter, neck 13 cm diameter. Note that product may be a different brand to the one pictured and differ subtly in design...
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73147
If you have ventured into making hard cheeses, a cheese press is an indispensable item. Whilst homemade presses may be easily made, these generally do not provide you with an accurate and reliable gauge of the pressure being applied (which will determine the texture of the end product). The Mad Millie Cheese press is a cost effective option: Equipped with a 2 litre mould, the press..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73519
Specialty Cheeses Ingredient Kit for Camembert and Blue Style Cheeses This kit contains everything you need to make your own Camembert, Double Cream Brie, Stilton Style Cheese, French Neufchatel and Blue Vein Cheese! This kit is ideal for intermediate to advanced home cheese-makers. Each cheese takes approximately 1 day to create (not including ageing time) and is aged for between 4 weeks an..
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Brand: Imported Model: 45373
This press is designed for the pressing and juicing of olives (need to be pitted first), eggplants, fruits, tomatoes and more: it can even be used for pressing cheese (note though that it does not include a pressure gauge for accurate measurement of appropriate pressure). These units are specialised in removing liquids from solids and boast a solid threaded shaft with heavy duty posts as suppo..
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Brand: Mad Millie Model: 73534
The ultimate kit for cheese lovers and the perfect beginner's kit!   The Artisan Cheese Kit has nearly everything you need to create an array of delicious fresh and aged hard cheeses at home. Just add milk. No artificial flavours and preservative free. This deluxe beginners' kit combines the Fresh Cheese Kit, Italian Cheese Kit, the Hard Cheeses kit (now discontinued), a cheese wax..
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Manual/Hand Crank Cream Separator 80 litre Motop Motor Sich
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Brand: Imported Model: 219306
This is a household hand-operated machine that can process whole milk for separation of cream from skimmed milk whilst also removing contaminants. This highly effective, easy-to-use Milk Cream Separator provides a cost effective solution to many dairy farms. Ideal for people with cows, goats and sheep. Whole milk, cream, butter and buttermilk are best when they are fresh, and this new s..
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Electric Cream Separator 80 litre Motop Motor Sich
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Brand: Imported Model: 218264
This is a household 240V electric machine that can process whole milk for separation of cream from skimmed milk whilst also removing contaminants. This highly effective, easy-to-use Milk Cream Separator provides a cost effective solution to many dairy farms. Ideal for people with cows, goats and sheep. Whole milk, cream, butter and buttermilk are best when they are fresh, and this new s..
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Brand: Imported Model: 219311
Electric Butter Churn, 6 Litres 220- 240V     The delicious taste of fresh homemade butter is available in only 15-30 minutes. Just plug it in and the motor does all the work! This butter churn is intended for preparing butter from cream. Excellent for a household or a small farm use! This highly effective, easy-to-use Butter Churn provides a cost effective solution to many d..
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Brand: Farming Supplies Model: 204992
This is an economical unit ideal for the home-pasteuriser. It uses the same principles as the best commercial pasteurisers, including pressurized heating and vacuum-sealed cooling. It is thermostatically controlled to 70°C and has automatic shut-down when the process is completed. Can be used to pasteurise milk and also juice, beer and wine. Constructed of aluminium and stainless steel pa..
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