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Preserving and Canning Accessories

Brand: D-Line
Features a wide mouth funnel, a narrow spout funnel and a strainer which sits inside the larger funnel.Made of high heat silicone..
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Brand: Imported
The Appetito Stainless Steel "Razor-Plane" Narrow Grater - Dual Fine/Coarse features high quality etched 301 stainless steel cutting blades to slice through ingredients with ease.The grater, featuring both a coarse and fine grating plane, is easy to use with its grip handle and non-sli..
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Brand: General
If you use a variety of different preserving jars and are tired of trying to find an easy way to open them, this Jarkey is the perfect gadget!Position the jarkey on the rim of the lid and lever upwards to release the vacuum in the jar.  Can be used to open all types of preserving jars inclu..
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Brand: Ezivac
The candy thermometer is used to measure the temperature and the stages of cooking sugar.It can also be used to measure the temperature of hot oil when deep frying.Is accurate from 40-205C / 100-400F...
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Brand: Imported
Cotton looseweave bleached cheesecloth in a large pack of 2.5 square metres.100% cotton fibres.Ideal for cheesemaking and also polishing, cleaning and drying.We recommend washing the cloth before first use...
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Copper Jam Pan 3.5 litre Capacity Made in France
2-3 Days
Small copper jam pan: ideal for making jams.  Beautiful old fashioned style pot: make jams the traditional way!It is worth buying a special pot for jam making if you regularly preserving.Why copper for jams? Heat distributionFor cooking different sugars, temperatures must r..
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Team up this stylish 11cm wide skimming spoon with a copper jam pan to make perfect jams every time.Base is made of copper, handle in stainless steel.Made in France...
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Brand: Ezivac
Digital Timer - Free Standing or Magnetic.Easy to read LED Display - Large Numbers.Stainless Steel in colour. Battery Included..
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This thermometer has a number of useful applications about the farm and home.Use it for preserving and cheesemaking as well as for testing milk temperature at milking.The thermometer is mercury free and a glass column encased in plastic for extra protection.  Plastic is heat resistant.A hangin..
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Brand: Imported
Perfect food mill for making coulis, smooth sauces, and can also be used for making mash for babies or invalids.20cm diameter, made of stainless steel with a wooden roller...
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Brand: General
There are few things more frustrating than a jar you can’t open because you can’t get the lid to budge!This handy gadget solves the problem and for a wide range of lid sizes, from 2cm – 12cm. The open securely grips the lid and maintains pressure with a spring loaded lever providing extra ..
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Brand: Ezivac
Gauge is clear and easy to read and highlights the ideal temperature to heat milk. Made from stainless steel...
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