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Simcro Sekurus Vaccinator Safety Injector 12ml Delivery Tube Not Included

Simcro Sekurus Vaccinator Safety Injector 12ml Delivery Tube Not Included
Simcro Sekurus Vaccinator Safety Injector 12ml Delivery Tube Not Included
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  SEKURUS is a world first, 'self tenting' safety injector. It was developed in New Zealand by SIMCRO for the delivery of Bopriva, Pfizer Animal Health's new vaccine for bulls. The injector has, however, widespread potential for other animals and other applications. 

The process of administering pharmaceutical products to animals of all shapes and sizes can be dangerous for both the person involved and the animal. Add to this the fact that many routine pharmaceutical products used in animal health can sometimes be dangerous to humans and you see why operator safety becomes paramount.

Patented self-tenting needle guard and two step mechanism.

Traditionally, operators have had to use one hand to hold an injector while grasping a fold of the animal's skin with the other hand to prepare or "tent" it for the injection. This action risks self injection by accident because one hand is so close to the injection site. 

With SEKURUS, all the operator has to do is activate the trigger with one hand and press the SEKURUS injector against the animal's skin. The injector’s needle guard automatically 'tents' or grabs the animal's skin prior to the injection.

This one-handed application results in a safer and quicker injection process.


Needle Safety

An important safety feature was the ability to remove and replace needles through SEKURUS's front aperture as compared to that of a standard injector. The 'self-tenting' shroud doubles as a needle protector and needle spanner.

The needle shroud protects the needle and reduces needle breakage. Broken needles can accidentally enter the food chain and pose a risk for humans. They also cause discomfort to the animal concerned. 

This shroud can quickly be released and used as a spanner to unlock the existing needle for disposal after usage. The operator never has to touch the needle directly.


Precise delivery of vaccine

SEKURUS maximises the efficacy of the vaccine because it ensures accurate and reliable needle placement. The vaccine is only released when it is placed at the correct depth within the animal's skin. 

Users can save money by only administering the correct dosage in exactly the correct location. If this is done, the pharmaceutical product will have the maximum effect. 

Using traditional devices the drug is released using human judgment. Sometimes the needle is too deep and sometimes it is too shallow. Using SEKURUS the operator gets the drug placement correct each and every time.


Humane treatment of animals

Animals can suffer bruising from injections if the needle is incorrectly or roughly placed. This is obviously uncomfortable for the animal and can sometimes become an issue in the food chain if infection sets in.

SEKURUS's patented mechanism ensures the needle is placed accurately to the correct depth to avoid bruising the animal and causing it unnecessary stress.


Ergonomic Design

SEKURUS is the product of extensive research and development and product trials. Its unique design and durability gives the operator better control while injecting, a more comfortable grip, and ensures the operator to vaccinate more animals per hour with less stress and fatigue compared with current vaccinating equipment.

SEKURUS's mechanism and lightweight, yet robust, construction means that less physical pressure is required to administer the injection.This makes it easier for people with smaller hands and less hand strength to administer injections.

The vaccinator uses 16g x 1/2" needles: 3 are included and extras can be purchased separately.  The 12ml vaccinator has a range from 2ml – 12ml.

A spare parts kit is available to keep your vaccinator working in peak condition.


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