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Standard Horse Hoof Electric Trimming Set

Standard Horse Hoof Electric Trimming Set
Standard Horse Hoof Electric Trimming Set
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Standard Horse Hoof Electric Trimming Set
Standard Horse Hoof Electric Trimming Set
Standard Horse Hoof Electric Trimming Set


Designed for the self-trimming horse owner or Farrier who needs a hardworking and easy-to-use trimming tool, the Standard Horse 8 Piece Hoof Trimming Set can meet all your basic trimming and hoof maintenance needs. You can use the Standard Horse 8 Piece Hoof Trimming Set to quickly and effortlessly trim the hoof wall, sole, and flare, with smooth results every time.

Boss Tools’ design makes hoof trimming pain-free, and the tool is quiet, comfortable, and easy to control. You can feel confident putting your animal’s hoof care into your own hands whether you’re an self-trimming horse owner or a professional Farrier.

All of the Boss Tools’ discs work on the same hoof trimming tool, so if you have other animals, you can use one tool to trim their hooves by purchasing additional discs.

Set includes



HOOF BOSS: Electric, Extended Neck Angle Grinder

4 Tooth Chain with Disc: Tungsten Carbide Chain

Red Power Rasp: Coarse, Abrasive Disc

Chain File: Diamond Coated 5 mm

Tail Tie Up: Strong and Stretchy Silicone Band

Allen Wrench: 3 mm Hex

Tool Carrying Case: Lightweight, Durable

Safety Glasses: Impact Resistant, Wrap Around Design

Instructional DVD: Easy-To-Follow Instructions

Power to suit Australia / New Zealand 220 – 240V



The Hoof Boss comes with a one-piece cast aluminium safety guard, designed to protect the end user’s hand and fingers and the paddle switch prevents accidental starting. In the event that the tool is accidentally dropped, the paddle switch is designed to lock in the off position. The Hoof Boss has also been independently tested and is compliant with all applicable EU requirements necessary to bear the CE mark.



At 11.5 inches long and weighing just over a pound, the Hoof Boss is designed to fit perfectly in the hand, making it comfortable to use for an extended period of time. Using chain disc technology, this tool effortlessly glides through any hoof while the abrasive discs smooth and finish off the hoof.


With proven results for a stronger, cleaner, and smoother hoof, the Hoof Boss will not only give you a smooth to the touch finish but it will also trim overgrown hooves and resolve any abnormal hoof issues. You can create the desired finish with the Hoof Boss by precisely controlling the depth of your cut with the chain discs or use one of our abrasive discs to grind down the hoof.


Increase your productivity! With a bit of a learning curve, the Hoof Boss does require practice. Once you’re comfortable with the tool and trimming techniques your time spent trimming will significantly decrease. Most of our customers use the chain trimming discs to take off overgrown hoof material with ease. The biggest time saver is during maintenance trimming. By sticking with a regular hoof trimming schedule, you can ensure that getting through your herd will be much faster! Depending on the condition of the hoof, you can use either the chain disc or abrasive disc to conduct regular maintenance trims.


At less than 100 decibels, the Hoof Boss is no louder than a pair of electric shears. We find that most animals acclimate quickly to the sound and are comfortable around the tool.


Rotating at 11,000 RPMs, the Hoof Boss can cut through the toughest hooves in seconds, yet its precision allows for the removal of hoof slivers as thin as an eggshell. This accuracy gives you complete control over how much hoof you remove and ensures a smooth and neat finish every time.


The lightweight Hoof Boss reduces the wrist, hand, arm and back pain traditionally associated with hoof trimming. Its power and size make it especially helpful for those who suffer from joint and muscular ailments like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome or for anyone who finds it difficult to trim with traditional tools. The tool doesn’t require upper body strength; anyone can get a clean and easy trim without overexerting or hurting themselves.


The Hoof Boss does NOT require oiling or lubricating. Simply maintain your Hoof Boss by keeping it clean and free of debris by lightly blowing out the air vents to allow for proper air flow.


The only maintenance that is required for any of the chain discs is to keep them sharp! The life expectancy of the chain disc will be greatly enhanced by keeping the teeth clean and well sharpened. You cannot over sharpen the chain disc. To maintain your chain discs use only the diamond- coated file when sharpening. We suggest lightly sharpening the chain disc after every 25 animals or whenever the chain begins to dull. When sharpening there is no need to take the disc off the tool. Depending on the use and maintenance of the chain discs, we recommend replacing your chain every 500-1,000 animals.


To maintain the abrasive discs keep them clean and free of debris. You may clean the discs with a wire brush and gentle solvent or lightly burn off additional hoof material with a blowtorch. You do NOT need to sharpen the abrasive discs. We recommend replacing your abrasive discs after every 100-500 animals or whenever the grit loses its aggressiveness. When cleaning your abrasive discs please remove them from the tool and use the proper safety equipment.


The Hoof Boss compliments your traditional set of hoof trimming instruments because it can be used just like your hoof knife, shears, rasps and nippers during almost any trimming task. Some of our customers prefer to use hand tools in conjunction with the Hoof Boss. This will allow you to extend the life of your other tools while improving your time spent trimming. The Hoof Boss will make you more efficient and save you money! Take care of any job with our power trimmer, while greatly reducing, and in most cases, replacing the need for a hoof knife, nippers, shears, and files. The Hoof Boss is designed to bring relief to the end user while providing better quality hoof health.


The Hoof Boss comes with a paddle switch that allows you more control of the overall power and performance of the tool. The paddle switch allows for instant on and off control. It is much more convenient and safer to operate.


The Hoof Boss is designed for comfort so you can trim longer, with less hand, arm, and wrist fatigue. The textured surface, and its sleek shape and size make it slip resistant as well as easier to grip and manoeuvre.


The Hoof Boss features a powerful, high-capacity fan and extra air vents on both the neck and bottom of the tool, keeping it cooler so you can trim for longer periods of time.


Developed in direct response to the needs of the hoof trimming industry, the motors rotate effortlessly at 11,000 RPMs, providing a smooth trimming experience. Designed with high efficiency in mind, the motor can also be powered by a vehicle’s AC/DC power converter, so you can trim anywhere, anytime.


The tools’ printed circuit boards and electrical components are made from eco-friendly materials and are ROHS compliant. Pulling only one amp of power, the hoof trimmers are highly energy efficient. Additionally, the quality of the circuit board allows harmonious interaction with the motor, delivering superior results during every trim.


The Hoof Boss utilizes a spiral bevel gear system which works harder, operates more quietly, and produces less vibration than any other type of gearing system. They are up to 99 percent more efficient, allowing the tool to operate smoother, easier and faster.




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