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EZ Milker Goat

EZ Milker Goat
EZ Milker Goat
EZ Milker Goat
EZ Milker Goat
EZ Milker Goat
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The EZ Milker was invented and developed in Minnesota USA by Mr Buck Wheeler.  Although it was developed originally for milking mares it is now supplied in models for sheep goats and cows but can equally be used on almost any other large animal if required.

The EZ Milker is ideal for collecting colostrum either for immediate use or for freezing in the bottle for later use. (Extra bottles are available.)   The Milker is supplied as a kit complete with the vacuum pump milk collection tubes and liners and two collection bottles.

The EZ Milker pump is very efficient only requiring 3 or 4 squeezes 
to create effective
vacuum.   Milk is extracted surprisingly quickly and efficiently.   Pulsation is not required.  

The EZ Milker is also a useful and practical device for lifestyle or small-block holders wishing to collect small amounts of milk for specialty cheeses or other uses.

Full instructions for use are supplied with each milker.

The milker should be cleaned with warm detergent water after each use.


The goat milker is provided complete with 1 x 1-litre and 1 x 500ml milk collection bottles, two sizes of collection tube and two sizes of silicone liner for the collection tubes. These ensure easy milk collection from all sizes and breeds of goats.


Extra milk collection bottles are available.  Spare bottles are very useful for storage of colostrum for later use. Bottles are supplied with caps in 2-packs only. Both the 500ml and 1L bottles fit all EZ Milkers.

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