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Microgreens Growing Guide - Fold Out Chart

Microgreens Growing Guide - Fold Out Chart
Microgreens Growing Guide - Fold Out Chart

This Guide provides all the information you need to start growing and harvesting a wide variety of microgreens in an easy-to-follow format. Both soil and hydroponic growing methods are presented with step-by-step illustrations.

The Microgreens Growing Guide Chart discusses 28 Microgreen seed varieties in detail. It features:

  • the most suitable seeds
  • how to sow and grow them in soil or hydroponically;
  • harvesting timelines and how to harvest;
  • suitable locations and containers;
  • soil types and temperatures;
  • regional information; and
  • how to use in cooking.

The layout is a full colour, laminated fold-out chart designed to be used as a reference guide for many years. Approx. A4 size when closed, it unfolds to 8 pages of condensed and well researched information to have at your fingertips. Benefit from this Guide for your health, as a gift or for profit.

Will the Microgreens Chart work in my climate?

The Microgreens Growing Guide Chart is suitable for use in any climate. It has a summary of 28 different herbs and vegetables with the ideal temperature for sowing each seed, along with regional climate information e.g. temperate – sow autumn; subtropical – sow spring. It is comprehensive with a LOT of information packed into one guide. If you are growing indoors (such as under grow lights or a greenhouse), then you can adjust the microclimate to grow microgreen varieties right throughout the year.

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