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Backyard Poultry - Naturally Edition 3

Backyard Poultry - Naturally Edition 3
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Backyard Poultry - Naturally Edition 3
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Backyard Poultry- Naturally by Alanna Moore

3rd edition.ChookBook3

What is the difference between a Frizzle and a Fav? a Pekin and a Polish? A Welsummer and a Wyandotte? How do you successfully determine the sex of day old chickens? What natural products can be used to treat lice infestations? And what should you do if a broody hen won’t get off the nest to feed?

Backyard Poultry – Naturally answers all these questions and more. From housing to feeding, from selection to breeding, from pets to production, and from the best lookers to the best layers, the book covers everything the backyard farmer needs to know about poultry husbandry – including preventative and curative herbal medicines and homeopathics, plus permaculture design for productive poultry pens.

Backyard Poultry – Naturally is an excellent resource. It is entertaining and informative, and will appeal to amateur and avid poultry farmers alike. Author Alanna Moore has taken her own extensive experience of natural healing and poultry care and used it to produce a very compact and readable reference. It has been Australia’s bestselling chook book!

Unique in that all the natural management and health tips required for happy poultry are found in this one comprehensive and highly acclaimed book. The author was intensively involved in the breeding of rare fowl and duck breeds for several years and discovered the need for such a book. She researched and wrote about natural fowl care for poultry and permaculture magazines in the 1990’s and the 153 page B5 book Backyard Poultry – Naturally, published in 1998 by Bolwarrah Press, was the result. (Alanna also writes a regular poultry column for Earth Garden magazine.)

What people have said about Backyard Poultry – Naturally:

A wonderful resource! Alanna Moore has provided poultry enthusiasts with all the information they need to raise healthy poultry without using harmful chemicals.”  Megg Miller, Grass Roots magazine.

The poultry health section is the best I’ve seen.” Eve Sinton, Permaculture International Journal.

An interesting and worthwhile book that will no doubt have a lot of appeal for the amateur or part-time farmer.” Kerry Lonergan, ‘Landline’, ABC TV.

Published by Python Press.

Format: 152 B5 page paperback

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